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Beer-mongers around the world, your prayers have finally been answered – English supermarket Asda has launched aspecial underwear that promises to sculpt your beer belly, tone your behind and hide love handles.

Called Manx, after the female underwear brand Spanx, this miracle undergarment will save you the effort of having to suck in your belly every time you go out. They may not be the sexiest underpants you’ve ever seen but if you’re not big on diets and exercising they may be the only way to get that streamlined silhouette you’ve always dreamed of.  Asda claims its specialists have been working on Manx underwear for an entire year, getting fabric percentages just right and adding control areas in problem areas.

Manx is 85% polyamide and 15% elastane, which helps compress flabby areas. A double knitted panel flattens and firms your beer belly, while the side panel going from the waist down to the thighs compresses love-handles and tones your buttocks. Their unusual shape helps support lower back, but I’m pretty sure many guys won’t be to eager to put on something that covers their rib cage and will probably prove a turn-off in the boudoir.

Women have been wearing deceiving accessories like padded bras and body-sculpting undergarments for years, and it’s time boys started playing dirty as well. With a price tag of just £10 ($16), we’re bound to see a lot less beer bellies walking down the street. Now if only they’d come up with something to hide them at the beach…

Photos by Asda

via My Daily