Astonishing Homeless Portraits by Lee Jeffries – Oddy Central

This episode has defined an approach to photography Jeffries and theme of his work. He tries to make good pictures, and establishing relationships with each of those photographs. “I need to see their emotions. And I deliberately look into their eyes, trying to recognize the feeling. I walk into their world, when others just pass by, as if homeless people – invisible. I appeal to transcend prejudices and realize that they – are people like you and me. “

In this issue you will find some pictures from the photo project the British photographer Lee Jeffries, “Homeless.” In 2008, an accountant and aspiring photographer Lee Jeffries came to London to participate in the marathon. The day before the marathon, he decided to walk around town and take some pictures. Near Leychaster Square, he saw a homeless girl, lying in a sleeping bag in a pile of boxes from Chinese food. She noticed that he had photographs of her and began yelling at him. “I had a choice: to turn around and leave, or go out and apologize. I chose the latter. “