Amazing Modern Vintage Bathrooms

These wonderful bathroom designs made us gasp! Irina Schastlivaya can make bathrooms look like works of art, simply by using patterns on tiles.

The patterns are not too in-your-face and by that making the space appear even smaller and cluttered – they are unnoticeable, at first, but add a whole new dimension to what would easily be a boring bathroom. She always slips one or two eye-catching details that make the space feel inviting. Golden handles or thin golden tiles, ambient lighting cleverly distributed throughout the room that create a warm, inviting atmosphere… as if she knows just exactly what every bathroom should feel like! Scroll on to see some truly amazing work from a gifted artist.

When it comes to combining vintage and modern, that’s a job that is quite tricky if you’re not a genuine professional. It can look abruptly put together, and even clashing. But it seems to us that this designer passed yet another test – just look what she did with this warm, luxurious bathroom which combines modern furniture in a strong color, with strong patterns and decors on the tiles and the glass doors. Who would say that halogen lights above the mirror go so well with vintage patterns on these voluptuous red tiles?

Now, with slightly bigger bathrooms, the designer gave herself room for over-doing it. Painting the pipes in a rich gold color, choosing to clash warm toned tiles with cooler toned ones, or mixing patterns all over the place, we feel that when it comes to these designs, it becomes a question of taste. Some people may like the Moroccan feel of the blueish-cream bathroom, and some may find it to be too much.

To some, marble is cold and slippery, hence impractical, and don’t think that it’s the best choice for a bathroom floor, but those who like luxury and a vintage feel in their bathrooms should enjoy these upcoming photographs. We find them very interesting and wonderful! Especially the ones, where she combines dark wood with different tiles!