Amazing birth

An obstetrician doctor in Greece has posted on Facebook a photo novel made ​​during a caesarean operation, reports the Daily Mail. Dr. Aris Tsigris during surgery showed how the baby was removed from his mother’s womb without amniotic sac broken. “The child has not even realized he was born. For him it was as it would be still in the womb, “said the doctor to describe the picture. Dr. Tsigris testified that he was extremely excited to see such a “miracle”, especially that situations like this are “ultra rare”. The amniotic sac begins to form in the first weeks of pregnancy around the embryo and the fetus grows. Inside it is amniotic fluid and placenta out. At birth, the amniotic sac breaks. Dr. Aris Tsigris said that the baby was not subjected to any risk and is perfectly healthy.