A Taste of Italy

If you are searching for a holiday that combines walking, food and wine look no further than Italy. What better way to spend a week than walking through wonderful countryside and retuning to your accommodation and a home cooked meal? You can spend the days exploring the rolling hills and beautiful landscape, taking in some local culture and visiting historical attractions, while evenings are for learning some of the secrets of Italian cookery and indulging in the delights you produce.

A love of the outdoors, enthusiasm, a desire to learn and a passion for Italian food are the only prerequisites when embarking on combination cooking and walking holidays. There is no need for vast cooking experience or clever chef skills; you just need to bring your willingness to get involved. Italian food is often made with very few ingredients and yet it ranks among the tastiest and most popular cuisines in the world. It is the simplicity and the use of seasonal and local ingredients that make the dishes stand out with every flavour making its mark.

Pasta shapes vary from region to region depending on the sauces that will accompany the dish. Regional variations of bread, flours and ways of preparing dishes are also prominent in Italy. Food has always been at the forefront of Italian family and community life and even today it is celebrated at every opportunity.

Walking Holidays and Cooking in The Lucchese

Lucca is a town situated only 20 minutes from Pisa and yet it is often bypassed by the typical tourists on Tuscany holidays. The grand medieval walls that surround the city are completely intact and there is no disputing its historical heritage and cultural attraction. The tiny streets are filled with swish Italian boutiques interspersed with typical grocery store displaying hanging hams and local cheeses. The walking country around the town is very picturesque and ideal for relaxing strolls and gentle hikes. The olive groves and vineyards surround elegant aristocratic villas and the tiny villages that dot the landscape are charming and inviting.

Walking holidays in Italy would not be complete without a little wine tasting. Take the opportunity to learn about the local grape varieties and the way the famous Tuscan wines are produced. Time in the kitchen is spent with local chefs, learning about how to make pasta, ravioli and other Italian dishes. You will be able to taste some authentic ingredients and learn about preparation and storage of vegetables, bottling of sauces and preservation of meats. At the end of the class indulge in your culinary expertise, enjoy the results of your efforts and relax in the company of new friends.

Italy boasts perfect scenery, wonderfully kind weather and excellent walking trails. Walking holidays in Italy combined with a little culinary experimentation help you get the most out of what this lovely country has to offer.