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There are so many beautiful places in Roumania and one of them it’s called Sulina.

How can you get there? Only by boat.

You must go in Tulcea and get a ship that takes you to ‘the end of the earth in Roumania’: Sulina. There are two kinds of ships: Catamaran, which is the normal ship and you travel for 3 hours and a half on the Danubian water or the Fast ship, that can take you to the destination in about 2 hours.For the first kind of ship you must pay 15 lei if you’re local people or 42 lei if you’re not and for the second one you must pay 50 lei.


Fast ship

Where can you stay?

Once you get in Sulina you can find a place to stay in one of the hotels, at the Army hotel, which is the cheapest or at somebody’s place. There you will have the Danubian water, which tips into the Black Sea and also a small, clean and the stillest beach.

What can you eat?

You can have fish plates, but also all kind of food. The restaurants have various choices for you to make and the prices are not that high. Everyone can afford to eat out. You could pay for a lunch, for example, between 20 and 30 lei.

What can you do in Sulina?

There are a few places on the sand where you can play football or volleyball and there are are also three places where you can have a drink or even have your lunch.

You can go fishing with one the many boats that are anchored on the shore or just take a trip to see the channels of the Danubian water. For these trips the costs vary, according to the type of boat you prefer: for a small one you will get to pay from 30 to 100 lei and  for a bigger one you should pay for about 300 lei.

In the evening you can take a walk on the cliff and see the ships that come from Turkey or other countries, you can have a drink at one of the many restaurants or you can choose to have some fun in the Beach Club.

It is to say that only in the summer you can get there and have something to do. Foreign people often come here because they  find peace and serenity: german, canadian, bulgarian and many other people love this destination.   In the winter the place is almost empty and only the local people remain.If you have been in Sulina, you can share with us opinions, likes or dislikes and if you haven’t got there yet, maybe you will put it down as a further destination.

Rusu Lidia Mariana