8-Year-Old Botox Video: Kerry Campbell Gives Brittany Injections

It’s real life for an 8-year-old California girl. An eight-year-old girl whose mother went on television and injected her with Botox to demonstrate her beauty routine, has been taken into care. Britney Campbell was regularly injected with Botox and also subjected to leg waxing and other procedures by her mum Kerry, a part-time beautician. The ‘treatments’ were dished out to keep wrinkles at bay and to give Britney ‘extra help’ for beauty pageants. After the little girl was paraded on US morning television by her mother and injected with the toxin, Child Protection Unit officers removed her from her San Francisco home. Her mum – who is originally from Birmingham – insisted she was not doing anything illegal, whilst Britney said that although the injections hurt, she did not want wrinkles. Kerry justified her daughter’s treatments saying: ‘Everyone is doing Botox and talking about it. We are not doing anything illegal, and I don’t want my daughter being the only one who doesn’t have a bit of extra help.’ Shocking? What do you think?