5 Super Strange Gadgets You Won’t Believe Exist!

Miharu Dental Intraoral Plaque Detection Camera

Obsessed with cleaning your own teeth? Then be sure to add the Miharu Dental Intraoral Plaque Detection Camera to your equipment list. With this strange gadget (at least for the home), “tartar and dental plaque become visible (illuminated) by the one-touch mode changer; it’s also useful for many other parts of the body, such as the back, skin, head, offering easy and sanitary viewing.”

Oyasumi Goodnight Brow Stretcher

Nobody likes wrinkles, especially on their forehead. Introducing the Oyasumi Goodnight Brow Stretcher. This gadget claims to fight wrinkles by stretching the skin. Plus, “on the inside of the band are a series of far-infrared dots that work to heat up the skin; meanwhile the silicone and hyaluronan compound materials provide moisture and support to the surface of your face, making anti-wrinkle stretching even more effective.”

Women’s Samurai Underwear Camisole Set

Ok, we get it, so women want to look badass while sleeping too, and what better way than with this Samurai Underwear Camisole Set. According to the seller, these aren’t just any gimmicky undergarments designed specifically for history lovers, “the designs are sophisticated representations of the past. Plus the material is a specially developed Japanese type called HOHTAI, which is very soft, so that you hardly notice the clothes at all.”

Houreisen Face Exercise Mask

Sagging cheeks getting you down? Fear not, the Houreisen Face Exercise Mask is here. That’s right, “simply fasten the straps behind your ears and give your face a work out – just open and close your mouth for ten minutes each day and you will notice the results.”

Kogao! Smile Lines Face Belt

No, the Kogao! Smile Lines Face Belt isn’t some torture device, but rather “a nylon face cover-come-strap-come-belt that tightens up your cheeks and facial contours, giving you a more buoyant and youthful visage.” Unfortunately, if worn incorrectly, it could possibly become something straight from a horror movie.