20 years of solitude

Georgian monk Maxim (Kavtaradze) for 20 years lived in the forty-meter limestone monolith in Imereti called Katshiysky Pillar. Katshiysky Pillar since pre-Christian times venerated by locals as a place where people can come closer to God. The church at the top of the mountain formation was built between VI and VIII centuries.  “The reigning silence allows me to be closer to God,” – says Maxim. He gets food from the locals who deliver it to him by using system of ropes. Maxim became a monk after being released from prison. He wanted to change and decided to continue the work of Stylites, who lived here before the invasion of the Ottomans in the XV century. He went to prison for use and sale of drugs and alcohol. Now people come to him in search of advice in difficult situations. Once or twice a week Maxim descends from pillar to talk with people and give them comfort.