Did Giants existed in Egypt?

Giant Finger01

Researcher Gregor Sporri published some photos of a giant mummified finger . Finger has a length of 38 centimeters, and if it belonged to a man , it would have been about 4.8 meters tall. The photos were More...

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Woman Leaves Hotel Suit After 10 Years


Joy Bricker, 79, turned her 46sqm Towne Place Suites by Marriott, in Virginia, into a home. She checked in on August 4, 2001, and became the longest extended-stay guest any Marriott More...

Young Man With Down Syndrome Has The Best Reaction After Learning He’s Accepted To College


Noah really wants to go to the University of Wisconsin. Naturally, he’s a die-hard Badgers fan. So when he discovered he was accepted to his favorite school, he couldn’t More...

Jumbo Jets Landing And Taking Off In Powerful Crosswinds Is Terrifying


These days, most people take flying for granted. But there’s nothing like being thrown around like a tin can by powerful winds to remind you that the plane you are riding in More...


The Coolest Way To Destroy Data

When you’re done with your hard drive it’s important to properly destroy any personal data. Just deleting the data doesn’t work as any computer whiz can recover your information. Farao More...

Air Hockey Robot Is Better At The Game Than You Are

Engineer Jose Julio built and programmed an air hockey robot completely from scratch using a 3D printer. The AHRobot is better at air hockey than any human competitor. AHRobot More...

Most Poluted Places - Earth`s Orbit


Believe it or not, even space contains copious amounts of pollution. An estimated 4 million pounds of space debris — nuts, More...

The World's Most Beautiful Polluted River Is In China


Natural latex polluted more than a mile of a stretch of the Quxi River in Wenzhou City, at southeastern China, More...

Dutch Reporte falls off boat Dutch Reporter Falls Off Boat

One Dutch reporter had one of the most embarrassing moments in her career. While interviewing the...

neon-lights02 When Neon Lights Go Off

When neon lights fail some accidental crazy stuff happen. The thing what was supposed to be...

snow swimming Snow Swimming

Spring isn’t even here yet, but these two dudes in Duluth, Minnesota can’t wait to go...
stage lighting

The Most Lifelike Tattoos


Dmitriy Samohin works from his home in Ukraine and makes perhaps the best tattoos in the world. Dmitriy has More...

Weird Statue in Japan

Japan is well known with its oddness society and symbolizations. One of them is an odd statue that looks like a..

Amazing Sculptures

Johnson Cheung-shing Tsang is a Hong Kong-based sculptor specializing in ceramics, stainless steel sculpture and public art work. Tsang’s work comments..

The Buddhist monk who shock the world!


A truly devouted monk has shocked the whole world with his feet. Man prays every day for eight hours in the More...

The story of the 500 year old frozen girl

The Inca girl was only 15 years old and has been nick named 'the maiden'.Her frozen body was found in 1999..

Vladimir Demikhov’s Two-headed Dog

Vladimir P. Demikhov, was a Russian surgeon whose pioneering work in performing organ transplants on dogs set the stage for similar..

OneWheel Electric Skateboard

indexOneWheel Electric Skateboard Conventional skateboards are soo 20th century. We live in a new digital age, and it’s time our skateboards demonstrate that. The..

Amazing park in stone (only in Japan)

park-0012-600x400 In Japan, every inch of floor space in the account, they are not scattered free space.  Even during the construction of..

Bumba Meu Boi a Brazilian Folk Festival

Bumba Meu Boi is a Brazilian folk theatrical tradition – the tale told through the music, the costumes and drumming involves..

The most disgusting fruit - Durian

Durian has all the appeal of 10-day-old roadkill carrion.  It is a thorny stinky fruit from s.e.  It is truly an..

Adorable Baby Animals

Even though our parents are probably happy and relieved to see us grow up and let go of some baby habits,..


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